Manage,repair and modify Tool for Android SD/HD/FLASH Drives. Save Time for Power Users. This App is not for Beginners or normal User! You can Create Partitions on all external Drives. And Check and repair the internal NAND and eMMC ext4 and vfat drives.For all Operations on Android you need Kernel Filesystem Support.
It can create a Firmware Dump (and scripts) easy for postprocessing on a PC (Linux) wich is needed to edit Drivelayout for the internal eMMC Drives. You can also repair this internal eMMC or NAND Drives but be very careful!
When you have a Business you may use it for fastrepair internal drives or any other service.
This App is nothing for Beginners!!! For Expert and Profi User wich know what is to do. It can save Recovery,System,Cache,Boot Images and on some MTD devices alos direct dump the kernel.img and logo.bin …
Before you change anything on internal Drives please create a Firmware Backup!!!
Beginners should use Partition Toolkit!
What’s New
  • 1.51 MIPS Support Partial (Sure works with FAT32)
  • Detection Core Rewritten for Android 6
  • Major Update, Now we have automatic mount after re-insert SDCard. Also now it is working on Android 4.4+
  • Up to latest Android 6.0. For get it working on Android 43+ you need latest! SuperSU from Playstore, All other
  • SU Solutions may not work on Android 4.3
How to install?
  1. Save the downloaded .apk on your android phone’s SD card
  2. Run and install it
  3. That’s it,Enjoy! :)
ROEHSOFT DRIVE-EXPERT v1.18 APK (22.0 MB) / Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Mirror 3