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How To Disable WiFi/Internet For Other Users

How To Disable WiFi/Internet For Other Users

Netcut is a wireless network analyzer tool.You can find MAC addresses of all the devices connected to your Wireless LAN. You can find their brand name, IP address and even change their MAC address.The most interesting part is you can Disable the Internet connectivity of any device connected to the wifi network.


This post is only for educational and learning purpose. This software should only be used on your Local wi-fi network. It is not meant to be used with public wi-fi networks. This software should not be misused and should not be used to play with any public wireless network security.
Instructions :
  1. First off download The archive from given link below
  2. Extract the archive in a folder
  3. Now You will see 2 Programs [1.) Netcut 2.) WinPcap ]
  4. Install both Programs
  5. Then a shortcut of NetCut will Appear in your desktop
  6. Run NetCut As Administrator
  7. Now You will see this Interface :

  •  The Gateway IP [in the right side] is your IP address
  • The list of IP’s in the left side is the list of User who are using  your Internet[Broadband/WiFi]
  • Simply Click on the IP address which you want to disable  and click on “Cut Off” button[it disable internet for the IP/User]
  • If you want to let the user enjoy internet again then click on “Resume” button
  • Thats it 🙂 I hope you like this
Note : This Trick is working and tested many time by me

How Netcut Works

NetCut makes use of a ARP(Adress Resolution Protocol) Spoofing technique. The attacker associate the victm’s ip address with his own mac address, so that all the traffic which is meant for victom PC flow to Hacker’s system. As a result, the victim’s PC loose Internet Connectivity.Unfortunately, ARP is a stateless protocol. This means we continue to accept ARP replies and overwrite the old ones, even they have not expired yet. Worse, ARP does not define any authentication method to check whether the replies come from the trusted one.
Download Links
WiFi Disbaler (2MB) | Mirro

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