The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Own Facebook Like Social Network Website

Jcow is a social software written in PHP. It allows you to make a social networking website, helps your members build social relationships with people who share similar professional or personal interests. Auto detects user-agent and displays the appropriate layout. Supports the most popular video sites: Youtube and Vimeo. Auto getting thumbnails. Ability to share multi-parts videos. You can translate Jcow to whatever language you want. Users can give their stories multiple topics. Topics make your community stories more friendly to the users and search engine. Users can also subscribe their favorite topics and get the news feed. Your members can personalize the primerary menu bar to their own. They can arrange priorities of menu items by simply drag&drop, and get easier access to their favorite apps. Integrated online SPAM checker stop spammers from signing up. Integrated reCaptcha stop bots. Limit registrations per IP address. Jcow system is monitoring/limiting susceptible acts behind you. (Example: if someone is attempting sending too many posts, he will be stopped automatically.)
1. Download Jcow
  1. Download the required files from the link below.
  2. You’re done! 🙂
  3. Go to the next step.
2. How to get your free hosting account?
  1. Go to the hosting web from link provided below.
  2. Sign up for a free account.
  3. You’re Done ! 🙂
  4. Go to the next step.
3. How to get your domain name for free?
  1. Go to Free Domain Name link available below.(Disable any AdBlocker or the page will not load correctly)
  2. Check If your domain name is available .
  3. If it is, choose Domain Option for 1 or 2 years (You can renew your domain name subscription for free when it’s about to expire)
  4. Now click Checkout and follow the instructions.
  5. You’re Done ! 🙂
  6. Go to the next step.
4. How to get your Social Network website?
  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click “New Website and choose “Hosting plan -> Free” and click “Select”.
  3. Choose “Domain” fill in the name of the domain you created, fill everything else and click “Create”.
  4. After finishing click on “My Websites” then “Switch”.
  5. Go to WEBSITE –> Auto Installer” scroll down to “Social Networking”and click on Jcow.
  6. Leave “Install To” blank and fill in “Administrator username” and “Administrator password”.
  7. Click on “Install Jcow 6.0” then on “OK” when the popup appears.
  8. After it finishes installing it will give you informations (with blue background) about your Social Network website. (Save them, you might need them for later use.)
  9. You’re Done ! 🙂
  10. Go to the next step.
5. How to upgrade your Social Network website?
  1. Now choose one of this steps “1 or 2 or 3 if you do all of them your domain will not function correctly.
  2. – Open this link go to “Registered Domains” Click on “Manage ->URL Forwarding” fill everything and edit“Target URL” to look like this now click on “Setup URL Forwarding”then “Go Back” and check if it says “Active”
  3. – Open this link go to “Registered Domains” Click on “Manage -> Nameserver” in another window open 3Owl“Account –> Details” copy/paste the name servers from 3Owl to “Nameserver” “e.g.” click on“Update” then “Go Back” and check if it says “Active”.
  4. – Open this link go to “Registered Domains” Click on “Manage -> Zone Records” fill everything and click on“Create Zone Record” then “Go Back” and check if it says “Active”.
  5. Then go to and click on “My Websites” then “Switch”.
  6. Go to “FILES –> FTP Access”
  7. Download FileZilla or SmartFTP (Recommended FileZilla)
  8. Open for e.g. FileZilla click on “New Site” enter the name of your website.
  9. Now go back to 3Owl “FILES –> FTP Access” and copy “FTP IP” and paste it in FileZilla “Host” change “Logon Type” to “Normal” then copy/paste user name and your 3Owl account password and click “Connect”
  10. Open the folder you downloaded at step 1 and upload the following folders(including sub-folders)
  11. Upload “includes/”
  12. Upload “files/”
  13. Upload “modules/”
  14. Upload “js/”
  15. Upload “index.php”
  16. Upload “upgrade.php”
  17. Execute the following URL on your web browser (Replace YOUR_JCOW_URL with your own Jcow site URL): http://YOUR_JCOW_URL/upgrade.php
  18. If a green text appears it means the upgrade is done.
  19. Go back to FileZilla and delete “upgrade.php” file.
  20. Go to your website and check if it works.
  21. Sign in with your Admin. username and password and go to “admin CP –> Modules” , and click “Update modules”
  22. You’re Done ! 🙂
  23. Go to the next step.
6. How to change your websites theme? (Optional)
  1. Download any theme you want from the links below.
  2. Upload them to “themes” folder using for e.g. FileZilla.
  3. Refresh your Website and go to “admin CP –> Themes” and choose a theme and click on “Save Change”.
  4. You’re Done ! 🙂
  5. Go to the next step.
7. How to get your own logo for free?
  1. Go to the link provided below.
  2. Create your logo and click on “DOWNLOAD LOGO”
  3. Set width to 55 px and click on “OK” (By selecting “Use Work Area Color” you will get your logo with the gray background color which you don’t need it.)
  4. Choose where to download it, click on “Save” and rename it to “logo.png”
  5. Click on “DOWNLOAD LOGO” agin and set width to 16 px
  6. Click on “OK” then click on “Save” and rename it to “ico.gif”
  7. Copy this to using for e.g. FileZilla to “themes –> Your chosen theme folder ” and paste it there.
  8. You’re Done ! 🙂
Coming Soon.
If you want your logo with high resolution then set width to 2000 px or above (Width + Height must not exceed 8100 px)
If you get “User has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 1000).” then you have to wait one hour ’till your website works again. (It’s MySQL Connection Hourly Limit by 3Owl, unless you upgrade to premium hosting service you will have to wait 1 hour each time this message appears.)
If better hosting website is found please share it with us in the comments.
Read the instructions very carefully, if you encounter any problems you can always comment and I will help.
Jcow 8.2.2 Pro (Make Social Network website)
3Owl (Host your website for free with no ads)
Free Domain Name (Up to 100 Domains for free user)
Online Logo Maker (Make logo online for free)