Internet Speed Meter Prime v2.0.9.1P

Internet Speed Meter
Internet Speed Meter is a Free tool to Monitor or Examine Your Internet Speed On-The-GO
It’s Use status bar Notification to show Internet Speed.

Why do you Need Internet Speed Meter?
This tool is Perfect to monitor your internet speed like how many Bytes or KiloBytes your phone is receving or sending in per seconds. This tool is everything what you need to monitor Internet Traffic.
Features of Internet Speed Meter
  • Live Traffic Monitoring:Internet Speed Meter do Live Traffic monitoring which you can see on Status Bar or Floating widget.
  • Floating Widget:We have Option of a floating widget to show internet speed on everywhere with a small widget on your screen.
  • Hide on Idle OptionWe have an Option which make monitoring pause when your internet is Idle mode.
  • Auto Start on Boot:Option to Auto start this app when your device boot up to make things simple.
  • Hide On LockScreenOption to Hide Notification on Lockscreen(For Android 5.0 and above)
  • Only Show on ConnectYou can Enable this Option if you want to pause Monitoring when you are not connected to Internet to save battery. It will be auto monitor again as soon you will connect to Internet Again.
  • Update Intervel Option to Set an Update interven on Seconds thats how fast Internet Speed Meter will tell you about Internet usage and Traffic Speed.
  • App Theme: Option to Choose Theme from Holo Dark or Holo Light.
  • Fully Customizable Notification: You have options you Customize Your Notification as you want it like Add WiFi Name with its speed, Show or Hide Upload Speed, Hide App icon, Separate Wifi and Mobile data usage and more to come in future.
  • 30 days Data Usage History: Internet Speed Meter Keeps track your Data usage status on daily basis and also show it on a Beautiful chart.
  • Live App Usage: We make a list which shows that which app is using your data in real time with auto refresh Feature.NOTE:This feature is Not available on some devices but we are working on it to make it available on all devices
  • Light and Simple: Internet Speed Meter is Very light weight and simple to use tool. Its Easily Understandable with its Simple and Sleek UI.
  • Accuracy: Internet Speed Meter is Very Accurate that how much data you have used till now. Total data, WiFi data and Mobile data. We also track Based on per app data consuming on real time.
What’s New
  • Screen Flicker Bug is Now resolved for Sure-Tested
  • Minor Bug fixed on Settings and Floating widget.
  • Now Widget will save state, auto start on boot and all those Options which work with the Notification.
  • Double Click on Floating Widget will Open Widget Settings Integrated Own
  • Bug Tracker which Appear on App Crash.
How to install ?
  1. Save the downloaded .apk on your android phone’s SD card
  2. Run and install it
  3. That’s it,Enjoy! :)
Internet Speed Meter Prime v2.0.9.1P APK (2.4 MB) | Mirrors