TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio(game maker)

Start making your own multi-platform video games right NOW, even if you know nothing about game programming or scripting! TyranoBuilder’s suite of intuitive drag-and-drop tools allows you to create high quality visual novels with speed and ease, and bring your creativity visions to reality!
Take it to the next level with TyranoScript, the powerful and flexible visual novel scripting language included with TyranoBuilder which allows you to customize every aspect of your game. Perfect for beginners, powerful enough for experts.
Games made with TyranoBuilder can be easily exported to PC, Mac, browsers, or converted* for use on smart devices and distribution via the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay!
*iOS and Android require conversion using free third party software.
How to crack?
  1. Download the zip file from the link below.
  2. Move TyranoBuilder folder to C:\Program Files\
  3. Open TyranoBuilder folder and run TyranoBuilder.exe
  4. You’re done!! Enjoy!! 🙂
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